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Frequent questions

Do you offer a transport service for my pet?

Of course!

Pets are transported in specially designed vehicles with air conditioning, for a safe and comfortable journey of our little friends. We do not carry out transports on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays.

We serve customers from all over Attica.

For more information contact us!

Can I bring my pet's bed?

We encourage our customers to bring familiar items with them!

Many puppies and kittens need to sleep in their own blankets or baskets that have their own smell. This creates a sense of security for them and makes it easier for them to adapt!

What do I need to bring with me?

Our goal is to offer your pets quality care and an excellent stay at our hotel, so we recommend that you have the following with you before visiting us:

  • Favorite toys
  • Leash
  • Medical booklet

My pet is on a certain medication

We provide continuous medical monitoring by experienced veterinarians & our team is ready to administer the necessary medications to your pet!

My pet eats certain food

In animal accommodation we provide feeding with super premium foods! However, if you wish, you can bring your own food with you and we will make sure that your pet maintains its eating habits on holiday according to your instructions!

I have two pets, can they stay in the same space?

Of course! The accommodation areas are very large and your pets can be accommodated together!

Can I visit the hotel before booking?

We will be happy to welcome you to our facilities, according to our opening hours!
Monday – Sunday: 9:30-13:30 & 16:00-17:30

Please call us before your arrival at (+30) 210 6623 307

Would you like to know more?
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and one of our experienced associates will be at your service.
Καλέστε μας: 210 6623 307, 697 76 33 201
Στείλτε μας το μήνυμά σας:
Καλέστε μας: 210 6623 307, 697 76 33 201
Στείλτε μας το μήνυμά σας: