Kennels for dogs

Indoor areas

Indoor areas dimensions are 10 m² with a customized courtyard. They are located on a shady place, surrounded by trees and grass.

Heating – Air conditioning

Dog accommodation rooms, are equipped with under floor heating and radiators for those winter nights and air conditioning for the summer. Depending on weather conditions, the room temperature is also adjusted for a comfortable accommodation.

Lighting – Music

For surveillance and security purposes at night, we make sure we leave some of our lights on. This also helps some dogs who are probably afraid to sleep in the dark. Also, all of the facilities have speakers that play music at certain times of the day, which is proven to make the accommodation more enjoyable.

Room Cleaning Services

The rooms are cleaned twice a day while the dog is in the courtyard. When a dog returns to the room, he will find the floor mopped, fresh water in his bowl and his blanket cleaned.