Hosting terms – Kennels

Only healthy animals (without contagious diseases) are accommodated in our hotel. That is why before your animal is picked up, a health check is carried out. We initially check the booklet proving its vaccination and its recovery from any past diseases and then a visual inspection of the pet for any symptoms of present diseases is carried out. Discouraging to hosting an animal is skin or respiratory problems as well as behavioral issues such as aggression.

Medical care

A prerequisite to hosting any pet is their good health. Each owner should make sure all necessary vaccines are made on time, including the respiratory vaccine.
In the case of emergency during their stay, there is a vet available and we are always in contact with your own veterinarian.

Health – Nutrition

The dog’s accommodation includes a diet of super-premium Pro-Plan dry food
(adult, mini, puppy, light), depending on each pet’s eating habits and needs. There is also the possi-bility of mixing canned or even cooked food like rice or chicken. In short periods of accommoda-tion, such as two days, it is advisable not to change the animal’s eating habits to avoid further strain-ing or stomach upset due to frequent food changes. If for any reason your pet follows a special diet or medication, let us know in detail so we can follow it.