Accommodation Areas – Clean up

Each kitten is housed in its own 3m² space in a quiet environment facing outdoors surrounded with plants and trees. Cats are known for their meticulous cleanliness. That is why we clean the rooms and their sand twice a day for a more comfortable and clean stay.

Heating – Air conditioning

Cat accommodation rooms are equipped with a radiator for the winter and air conditioning for the summer. Depending on weather conditions, the room’s temperature is also adjusted.


Cats save energy by sleeping. They rest more than other mammals, especially when they grow older. Their daily sleep time ranges anywhere between twelve to sixteen hours, while the average is thirteen to fourteen. Some cats can sleep up to twenty hours a day. It’s a known fact that they get active after sunset and often enter a phase of increased activity with games all night time until early in the morning and that is why there is low lighting so they can move around to eat and use their sand during the night time.